Event Handler is a moderated community by Kevin Lewis which aims to provide value to developer event organizers through peer-to-peer support, curated content, and light consultancy.

In the context of Event Handler, developer events may include technical conferences, meet-ups, workshops, webinars, hackathons, and panels. You don’t need to be an ‘expert’ to join (what is an ‘expert’, anyway?) - professional organizers, consultants, hobbyists, students, and those just generally interested are more than welcome to join. As part of our Code of Conduct please do not use the provided spaces to seek sponsorship for your events.

Kevin is a Developer Advocate at Orbit where he supports community builders create stronger, healthier communities where no one falls through the cracks. He has previously run a developer events agency specialising in hackathons and technical conferences.

A huge thanks to Andy Bell of the Array Community for inspiration on structure. Array is a premium Discord community for freelancers who look out for each other with advice, mentoring, and friendship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Event Handler a paid community?
Charging a small monthly membership fee means the larger the group gets, the more funding there is to invest in moderation and membership perks beyond just the Discord space.
Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Absolutely! Log into your Memberful account and cancel your subscription there. You will still have full access until your subscription expires. You can re-join the community whenever you like, too.
What are the monthly fireside chats all about?
Every month there will be a live converastion with an event organizer around a different topic. You are welcome to listen in and ask questions live. For these events we will use Discord Stages - which act much like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.
Will events be recorded?
Our weekly check-in calls and the monthly fireside chat will be recorded but not published for the time being. The fireside chats will be written up into thoughtful concise emails sent straight to your inbox.
How can I book a free consultancy call as part of my membership?
Once you are a member you will have access to a booking form. Describe what you need support with and I'll decide the best Event Handler expert to speak to you based on their experience and availability. They will then reach out with a booking link for you to pick a convenient slot. These calls are for small questions that can be wrapped up within the call length. If possible, use the weekly check-in group calls to get help.
Do you offer membership discounts or scholarships?
There are no discounts on membership, but I am committed to providing avenues to access paid opportunities for folks who otherwise get fewer opportunities and, by extension, less representation in tech. As our membership grows I will make a number of 6 month full memberships available for free. If you want to apply please fill in our scholarship application form.
It's easier if I pay for a number of months upfront. Can you do that?
Yes! Email me: eh@lws.io
I have a "Founder" membership. How long do I keep my cheaper membership?
Your Founder pricing plan will be active for as long as your membership is, with no expiry. However, if your membership is deactivated and you begin a new membership, you won't have access to the Founder pricing plan.
Do you have a Code of Conduct?
Yes. In the interest of building a positive, welcoming, and respectful community it is a policy that all members are expected to abide by. If you break our Code of Conduct your membership in the community may be revoked. Read our Code of Conduct.